Best English Language Learning Apps And Tools In 2023

English Language Learning Apps And Tools

Today we will discuss about the best English language learning apps and tools that help you to develop your English listening, writing, and speaking skills. 

In today’s world,  English has become the most used language in the world. With 1.5 billion speakers, it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. International commerce, academia, and tourism all use it. As a result, studying English has become essential for everyone.

There are many apps and tools available in the online market to learn English language. To learn more about English language tools for learning, please get in touch with us at the end of the post.

What Are The Best English Language Learning Tools & Applications In 2023?

bEST English Language Learning Tools

Here we mentioned the list of best English learning app that helps you to develop the skills for learning the English language.

  • ¬†Duolingo
  • Rocket Languages
  • Babbel
  • MosaLingua
  • FluentU


Duolingo is well known and popular English language learning tool. This tool is highly recommended for beginners because it gives the kind of features that clear the basic that you need to learn the English language from the start.

You can give 20 minutes in your daily life to learn the English language with Duolingo by playing short games that makes learning exciting. Even it gives you the opportunity to learn daily new seven topics per class. 

Key features of Duolingo

  • Complete English course with hundreds of lessons
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Free to use


Duolingo offered it course free but there are lots of ads that come in free courses that interrupt your English learning. If you get rid of them then you can subscribe to its super plan for $12.99 per month or $83.99 per year.

Rocket Languages

The rocket language English course is also the best option to learn the English language. It will help you in moving from a total beginner to a strong English conversation. 

The interactive exercises promote communication over word memorization and repetition. The course covers a wide range of topics, including pronunciation, fundamental introductions, and grammar principles.

Features of Rocket Language

  • From the first lesson start communication in English
  • Flexible structure lets you choose your lessons
  • On mobile devices, you can listen to audio classes
  • Helpful topics and engaging activities


To access the Rocket Language app you have to pay a one-time payment to access it for life. The course cost is just $99.95 per month and Rocket always brings new deals so there is also some chance you need to pay less. It also offered a free trial so you can test it out before purchasing.


Babbel is the universal app because it provides reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice. With the Babbel English course, you may quickly go from beginning to conversational.

Babbel reduces difficult English language by breaking it down into manageable, bite-sized portions. 

This app is the main focus on vocabulary so you can understand the language better.

Key features of Babbel

  • Practice all communication skills in one course.
  • To see more naturally, learn to speak like a native speaker
  • Expert linguists created the program.


Babbel subscriptions start at $14.95 for one month, although they are less expensive the longer they are. You can also benefit from Babbel’s 20-day money-back guarantee if you test it and decide you don’t like it.


MosaLingua is also the best English language learning app and also the culture. Nowadays, lots of apps & tools teach you the English language but forget to teach the culture. With the help of the MosaLingua flashcard program, you can learn a sizable number of helpful English words and phrases. It also contains a vast library of songs, books, and movies that can assist you in learning more about culture.

The only drawback in MosaLingua is it has lack speaking practice. You can try MosaLingua for free.

Key Features of MasaLingua

  • Large collection of English terms and phrases that are useful; selecting what you want to learn
  • saves you time compared to searching for books, films, and other things online.
  • cheaper monthly fee than most other language-learning applications


In comparison to most other English-language apps, MosaLingua web ($4.99/month) and mobile ($9.49/month) subscription fees are far less. The cost of a MosaLingua yearly subscription is $59.90. For 15 days, MosaLingua is free to try.


FluentU offers a rich experience with a variety of real English content. There are also music videos, commercials, and movie trailers. One of the best methods to understand how native speakers actually speak is to use original content.

Each video has subtitles and a translation to help you follow along. On FluentU you can click on a term that you don’t understand to see its description and other videos that use it.

Key Features of FluentU

  • Large English-language video library
  • Translations and subtitles make it easier to follow along.
  • Create flashcards to practice the vocabulary you’ve learned.
  • regularly updated with fresh material


FluentU costs a lot more than some of the other language-learning apps. Each month, it costs $29.99. A yearly subscription costs $239.99, or $20 each month. Use the free 14-day trial to see. FluentU is a suitable fit for those who don’t have enough money for a course.

What Is The Best App To Learn English?

Babbel is the best English learning software since it provides a comprehensive course for both beginner and intermediate learners. A number of other language learning applications don’t help you to create your reading, writing, speaking, or listening skills as Babbel does.

What Is The Best App To Learn English For Free?

Duolingo is the best free program for learning English. You can learn the basics of English by getting access to the complete course for nothing. Even though there are several free language learning applications available, Duolingo is the best and allows you to practice all types of conversation.

Final Words

Today In this post, we discuss about Best English Language Learning Apps And Tools. That might be advantageous to your efforts to learn English. If you use an app for working on your English, it might be beneficial for your English language learning.

Hopefully, the knowledge provided above has fulfilled your needs. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out our other posts. 

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